Why a menu with photos is an absolute game-changer

Why a menu with photos is an absolute game-changer

Every time I step into a new restaurant, especially when it’s a new place or a new cuisine, I have an issue: so many options, so little clarity. And I’m not alone. Many of us resort to scouring the internet for photos just to get a glimpse of what the dishes actually look like.

So, why not solve this problem by incorporating photos into your menu? Whether it’s a printed menu or an online version with a QR code for easy access, it’s all about giving people the opportunity to see and choose with their eyes.

Now, I understand the concern some of you may have. What if the dish doesn’t look exactly like the photo? Yes, it happens, especially when it comes to fresh berries, seasonal items, fresh herbs, and so on. But let’s be real here: isn’t not knowing what to order a far greater annoyance than a slight difference in appearance?

Plus, by showcasing your best-selling dishes, you’re not only making your guests’ lives easier but also simplifying things for your staff. Imagine the time and effort saved by not having to explain every dish in detail!

And here’s the kicker: visual menus can actually boost your sales and profits. By highlighting your most popular and profitable dishes, you’re not just meeting but exceeding your guests’ expectations. And what’s most important – selling items you want!

So, to sum it up: visual menus make life easier for everyone involved. They simplify the decision-making process for your guests, streamline operations for your staff, and ultimately, increase your bottom line.

Ready to take your restaurant to the next level? Consider adding photos to your menu today!

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