Unlocking the Secrets of Menu Engineering

Unlocking the Secrets of Menu Engineering

Boost Your Restaurant’s Profits

Hey there, restaurateurs! Are you ready to dive into the art of menu engineering? It’s not just about crafting a killer menu—it’s about making it your profit powerhouse. Let’s decode how you can categorize dishes, optimize profitability, and keep your diners coming back for more.

Menu engineering is all about analyzing your menu’s performance and tweaking it to maximize profits. We categorize dishes into four types: Stars, Puzzles, Plowhorses, and Dogs. Stars are your bestsellers and high earners. Puzzles might earn well but aren’t flying off the menu—yet. Plowhorses are popular but less profitable, and Dogs? Well, they might need to fetch themselves off the menu.

To make the most of your menu, highlight your Stars, give Puzzles a marketing boost, make your Plowhorses more profitable, and consider cutting the Dogs. Simple changes like these can significantly impact your bottom line.

Dive into menu engineering to ensure that each dish not only delights but also delivers on the dollars. Get ready to transform your menu into your greatest asset!

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